The UX of the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant Card

By now you have probably seen the infamous card that Steve Harvey used he when he announced the wrong person won Miss Universe. A lot of people are having fun at the expense of Harvey, but some have pointed out that the card that was used was poorly designed and that is the real reason that Harvey […]

An Introduction to Google Analytics as a User Experience Research Tool

Google Analytics is usually thought of as a marketing tool rather than a user experience tool. Last I checked, Googling “Google Analytics Marketing” returns about 65.7 million results, but “Google Analytics UX” returns only 2.2 million results. Regardless, I think it’s an underrated tool for UX research and this post is meant to give you […]

9 Ways Thoughtless Microcopy Is Ruining Your Website’s UX

Microcopy, instructional copy, and labels. Little bits of information are making or breaking the user experience of your website or application. Microcopy is there to explain what a setting does, aid users filling out a form, and explain complex interactions. Well-written microcopy guides users, and poorly written microcopy confuses and frustrates them. Microcopy can be the achilles heel of an […]

Should Freelancers Find Work Through Recruiting Agencies?

A question that I often see freelancers ask is whether or not they should work with a recruiting agency. Many freelancers see the lower rates and don’t want to accept less than the rate that they earn when they’re out there getting clients for themselves. Yes, you will generally earn a lower rate on the surface […]

Preventing Loneliness as a Freelancer

I felt like I was well prepared when I decided to be a freelancer. I spent a lot of time researching what other freelancers were saying, trying to figure out what was working for them and what wasn’t. I learned to say no to projects I wasn’t a good fit for; to charge what I’m worth; that […]

SEO Starts with Having a High-Quality Website

It’s never been more important to have a high quality website that is responsive, loads fast, and has great user experience. In the past, you could rank high in search engines with a poorly made site if you had tons of links pointing to it, but I think that is changing and some of the recent initiatives […]

Measuring Site Speed with Google Analytics

Site speed has a huge impact on everything from user experience to search engine rankings. Google Analytics provides site speed reports so that you can monitor site speed over time. There are many other tools that will give you instant feedback on your site speed but I think Google Analytics is great because it allows you to see […]

8 Performance Optimizations You Can Do in an Afternoon

In a perfect world, performance is something that everyone designs for from the very beginning of a project. But this post is not about that perfect world. This post is about what you can do if you only have an afternoon to devote to performance optimization. I’m going try to strike a balance between techniques that are helpful […]

Should You Design a Single-Page Website for Your Business?

Single-page websites are often dismissed by web designers. I think there is a lot of misinformation and myths that fuels their dismissal. Given the right set of circumstances, a single-page website can be an effective solution.

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