Why You Should Never Work on a Project without a Deadline

The client’s deadline is a great way to gauge their commitment level to the project. When I’m discussing an upcoming project with a client, one of the most critical questions I ask is, “When do you need it by?” I can accept many answers. I can even accept an answer where the client wants it in […]

How I Got the Guts to Quit My Job to Be a Freelancer

For some, becoming a freelancer is something that suddenly happens, either out of necessity or spontaneity. But that wasn’t the case for me — I wanted to be a freelancer for nearly three years. I wasn’t ready when I first began thinking about it. I wasn’t ready after a year. Or two. I wasn’t ready a month — or […]

Principles of Performance by Design

I wrote a post on Medium about how great performance starts with design. It was something that was running through my head for awhile; I thought Medium would be a great place to post it. The post earned 4,500 views, 37 Medium recommendations, and 150 shares on Twitter (plus many more retweets). It also earned a […]

Using Personal Outreach to Promote Your Content

I had a problem when I was writing my previous blog post, Social Media Share Buttons Impact on Performance. I have not yet established an audience for my blog, so when I published that post I was worried that hardly anyone would read it. I thought the post was well done, probably my best so […]

Social Media Share Buttons’ Impact on Website Performance

Social media share buttons can be easily added to any website. The buttons make it simple for users to share the page, and display the number of times people have shared that page. This might make it seem like a no-brainer to include on every website you design, but these buttons come at a cost […]

The Ambiguous Hamburger Icon: Is the Icon Mystery Meat to Users?

Updated on February 18, 2014 The hamburger icon is a popular icon used by designers to represent a hidden navigation menu that will appear when the user clicks on the icon. Many designers believe that the icon has achieved universal status and that users understand what the icon represents. Many large websites and brands rely […]

Squarespace Logo is Not a Threat to Designers

Squarespace, a popular platform that offers website templates and hosting, recently launched a new service called Squarespace Logo. This  service is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily design logos. Their pricing structure is very cheap and creating a logo is intuitive and simple. Many in the design community are fuming over Squarespace […]

How to Edit, Crop, and Split Hidden Songs out of Tracks in iTunes

If you’re like me, you hate the extra junk that some artists put at the beginning and end of tracks. If you’re also like me you hate the “hidden track” that artists stick on to the end of their albums. Why should we deal with 10 minutes of silence before another song starts playing? Why […]

What to Do when Your Google Analytics Account Number is Stolen

One problem with Google Analytics is that your account number is viewable to anyone. To see any site’s Google Analytics account all you need to do is simply view source and find the GA code. It’s so easy to find anyone’s account number that you may find yourself viewing your analytics one day and see […]

Using the Canonical Tag to Deal with Duplicate Content

The problem with many sites is that they have pages that are identical or nearly identical. This can happen when your site has many categories, paths, and dynamic data. The solution is to use the canonical tag. The canonical tag is a tag used to tell search engines which version of a page is the desired or […]

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