I’m a web designer & consultant from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

An amazing website does more than look pretty, an amazing website accomplishes business objectives.

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Preventing Loneliness as a Freelancer

May 2015

I felt like I was well prepared when I decided to be a freelancer. I spent a lot of time researching what other freelancers were saying, trying to figure out what was working for them and what wasnt. I learned to say no to projects I wasnt a good fit for; to charge what Im worth; that contracts are a requirement. I was determined to avoid the common pitfalls that new freelancers often fall into.

About Me

Eric W. Mobley

I began making websites 6 years ago when I walked into a computer programming class that I was taking as an elective. I changed my area of study immediately and the rest is history. I believe that real design happens when problems are solved and business objectives are met. I'm currently working as a freelance web designer that makes websites for companies that are serious about succeeding online.