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Should Freelancers Find Work Through Recruiting Agencies?

May 2015

A question that I often see freelancers ask is whether or not they should work with a recruiting agency. Many freelancers see the lower rates and dont want to accept less than the rate that they earn when theyre out there getting clients for themselves. Yes, you will generally earn a lower rate on the surface than you would if you were finding clients on your own, but theres some things you should factor in before you swear off recruiting agencies forever.

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Eric W. Mobley

I began making websites 6 years ago when I walked into a computer programming class that I was taking as an elective. I changed my area of study immediately and the rest is history. I believe that real design happens when problems are solved and business objectives are met. I'm currently working as a freelance web designer that makes websites for companies that are serious about succeeding online.