I’m a freelance web consultant that focuses on user experience, content strategy, analytics, and conversion rate optimization.

I have a broad background in the web industry with over six years of experience in a variety of roles. I began my career as a developer where I cut my teeth on code and databases. I worked at a small web agency, so that allowed me to expand my role and work directly with clients to develop their website strategy.

My background gives me the ability to see a project from all angles. I can collaborate with developers, designers, and marketers to achieve a common goal.

Please contact me if you need to figure out how to improve the experience of your website. Connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter.

My Bookshelf

These are some of my favorite reads that taught me something.

The Design of Everyday Things
Thinking, Fast and Slow
On Writing Well
A Practical Guide to Information Architecture
Dont Make Me Think
100 Things Every Designer Should Know About People
Elements of User Onboarding
Elements of Content Strategy
Design is a Job
Just Enough Research
On Web Typography
Designing for Emotion
Designing For Conversion
Psychology for Designers
Show Your Work!