Updated May 5th, 2014

So you’ve reached the 100 account limit in Google Analytics. You will see something like the error message below:

Account Limit Reached

You have reached the limit of 100 accounts. Please reach out to your Google Analytics support contact for assistance.

If you’re like me, you set up a Google Analytics account for each of your clients, and you like to handle this all yourself, without getting your client involved in set up and configuration.

You can easily add more Google Analytics account to your Google account by going to Admin -> click the select box in the Account section -> click on Create New Account.

The problem is that you cannot add more than 100 accounts yourself.


The best way to out-maneuver this limit is to create a new Google account (new Gmail account) and then create Google Analytics accounts from that Gmail account until you reach the limit again.

Then set your main Google account as the administrator for each analytics account. You can be the admin on more than 100 in one Google account, you just can’t create more than 100 within one Google account.

This method ensures that you can create an infinite amount of Google Analytics accounts without having to involve your client in the set up and configuration.