Principles of Performance by Design

I wrote a post on Medium about how great performance starts with design. It was something that was running through my head for awhile; I thought Medium would be a great place to post it.

The post earned 4,500 views, 37 Medium recommendations, and 150 shares on Twitter (plus many more retweets). It also earned a spot on Web Performance Today’s list of 9 Awesome Posts About Web Performance.

Needless to say, it was fun to see people sharing the post and responding to it.

Medium is a fantastic platform to write on. The design is great and I love reading Medium content. I will definitely be using Medium to write in the future.

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The Ambiguous Hamburger Icon: Is the Icon Mystery Meat to Users?

The Hamburger Icon
The Hamburger Icon

Updated on February 18, 2014

The hamburger icon is a popular icon used by designers to represent a hidden navigation menu that will appear when the user clicks on the icon.

Many designers believe that the icon has achieved universal status and that users understand what the icon represents. Many large websites and brands rely on it from Google to Starbucks.

I believe the icon is far from being universally recognized. If we must use the icon we need to take some additional steps to make it more clear to the user where the hidden menu is located.

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Squarespace Logo is Not a Threat to Designers

Squarespace, a popular platform that offers website templates and hosting, recently launched a new service called Squarespace Logo. This  service is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily design logos. Their pricing structure is very cheap and creating a logo is intuitive and simple.

Squarespace Logo Pricing
Squarespace Logo Pricing

Many in the design community are fuming over Squarespace Logo and what it could mean for the future of design. A quick search of the hashtag #squarespacelogo on Twitter reveals that some designers feel like the easy to use software devalues design.

(Quick sidebar: Some of the logos that people have created are hilarious.)

I think that Squarespace Logo and other tools like it are nothing for designers to be concerned about. Keep reading to find out why.

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